Escape to Bangalore (Week 2)

In the second week here,  I honestly was getting a little more lonelier and such day by day. However something interesting kept happening. It rained EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! One of the days the rains were so bad that the road in front of my office space literally became like a river. Well, that was just one of the many roads that were turned into a river. It used to get unbelievably cold in the morning. At least for someone who comes from the tropical countries, this cold was unusual. I somewhat hated it. 

Also, i met few of my acquainted friends and my bestie Sruthy. Sruthy was my classmate in university. sister from another mother. We went out to the nearby mall and chilled out. I never thought i would see her again in my entire life but ah life makes you do crazy things. At work, I was getting a little more acceptance and recognition than last week. There is a word that goes here and its like, there are gangs. You have to be here for years or months for you to be accepted into a gang. Once you are in the gang, you are not allowed to leave or switch gangs. Crazy right! Well, i am not here to make gangs. Heck i dont even want to keep friends here. While i was working in Brunei, my work ethic was something like “you are my friend from 8 am to 5 pm.” I keep the same here. I will mingle with you from 630 am to 330pm.  

That weekend was deepavali. I went to Commercial Street. This was 10x bigger than Pasar Seni in Malaysia. I was so happy i went there all alone exploring. Walked a lot that day to be honest! Through the sides of cubbon park. i couldn’t go in because it was kinda dark and late anyways. one thing for sure, i cant wait to go to commercial again and next time, i might even go to cubbon park, if i get to go early. On the way back, i met up with Shabs (probably my most favorite part of the day). I swear i love his jokes where he sees a fancy car and says “Oh i just lend it for a day, have to collect it tomorrow“. Every time he cracks that joke and every time i see a fancy car when i am alone, i think to myself ” hmmm, shabin must have lend it to them”. 

Deepavali here is grand. Non stop fireworks and sales and what not. I enjoy watching fireworks from a distance. I like that i am here for this celebration. I feel blessed that i got to see the Deepavali celebrations from Malaysia and India now. I really hope i will have an opportunity to celebrate many more celebrations.  The fireworks that night lasted till around 12 am.  i had work the next day so it was difficult to sleep.  But i do hope that i will be here next year to celebrate another deepavali here, who knows with a lucky someone. 

(to be continued)


Final Days in Malaysia (mini travalogue)

I have reached my last week of my life in Malaysia. It wasn’t always easy, but i had lots of good memories. Lots of places that i loved, lots of new experiences. Life is a journey, and everything has to move on. In this little series, i will be sharing about the few good and famous tourist spots of Malaysia (specifically around Kuala Lumpur). Thank you for reading and i hope you will enjoy my first travelogue post about Batu Caves. Check it out in my next post.