Final Trip to Batu Caves

How to reach batu caves via public transport? 

No matter where you are, make your way to KL Sentral. It is easily accessible by LRT and buses. From KL Sentral, take the KTM to batu caves. It costs RM 2.60 for a one way trip. Batu Caves is the last station. If you are not using a travel card such as touch n go, you will be given a token. Make sure you dont lose the token. 

After reaching the station, make your way out ( right side of the exit). Once you pass by and walk a little bit, you will be welcomed with the big statue of Lord Muruga, as shown below.

There are also a lot of pigeons and monkeys on the ground area as well as the stairs. There are more than 200 stairs and it is quiet a climb. Make sure you are not wearing shorts or short skirts as you are required to buy a compulsory piece of cloth to cover the legs. Therefore, it is important to be dressed decently and comfortably. 

While climbing the stairs, beware of the monkeys. They are smart in snatching food, drinks and small items from your hands. 

This is the view at the top. You will be pleasantly welcomed with the mild scent of burning incense sticks. 

There are statues of different hindu gods such as ganapathy as you walk further into the cave. 

View from inside

As you leave, make sure you get a picture with the pigeons. 

Well thats the end of the Batu Caves journey. Ticket back to KL Sentral will cost RM2.60 and your train would be in platform 1. 

Best times to visit, after 4 pm on weekdays as there are less people. 

Thank you for reading my post.