Under the liquid poison

I am drunk right now, another night where I swallowed down the cheap liquor thinking of him, forcing myself not to cry.

I am drunk right now, thinking of the times I survived your loss. No you are not dead. You were just heartless to leave into the darkness. I was scared of that darkness where you left to.

I am drunk right now and I crave for your touch. My brain tells me you are gone. It keeps shouting that you’re gone. But I disregard because I know you will think of me sometime when you are drunk too. I love you.

I am drunk right now, so I could sleep. Thoughts of you keep me awake at night and even at the wee hours. Alcohol is no match with memories of you.i can’t feel my skin. I can’t hear you anymore. But I know one thing for sure. I loved you so much.


I loved you.

I really loved you.



-drunk throughts-


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