Dear Orlando Victims

I came across the hashtag #prayfororlando as i was mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter. I didn’t understand it at first but as i got to know the news, my heart was shattered. 50 men were killed and 53 men were injured in a shooting incident in a gay bar/club, because the shooter felt angry that two men were kissing. So many questions flooded my  mind. Obviously, the first one was WHY!.

The shooter’s ex wife said he was a wife beater and was abusive. But still! Why did he have to shoot innocent people who came to a club to have fun? They went there to live, not die! What could he have gained from this? As a self identified bisexual girl myself, i am beyond saddened and shocked that the level of homophobia some people show is just atrocious. Why be phobic to two humans in love? Who set a rule that you can only love a member of the opposite sex? Now don’t bring in religion in here because whats written in the books are written by humans who wrote shit to get their ways. I am so angry and sad that this is happening to the LGBTQ community. When gay marriage was legalized, nothing else progressed. It’s a lie that LGBTQ rights are there. Its a big lie sadly.

I hope the LGBTQ community and especially the family of those who passed away will find peace and closure. Let us pray for them, let us pray for the world.


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