Your FOGG Perfume.

He used to use Fogg Marco deo/perfume. that was the smell i associated with him. there is a picture of us near my table. his wide smile, eyes gleaming with excitement. i take a whiff and my eyes well up almost instantly, because what flashes in my eyes is the smell i get when i lay down on his chest after a night out. the same smell i got when i hugged him tight one last time on the day he left, on his green  shirt. its almost 2 months since he left, bit it feels like 2 years already. he doesnt know that i am still depressed deep inside for his departure. i have made everyone believe that i have moved on. to an extent, yes, but in an overall sense, no! he is happy there.

i do feel his absence deeply at times, when i hear silence where it was once filled with his laughter. yes i miss getting angry at him for playing his video games throughout. it never really mattered because now all i crave for is just a touch from him. no one knows how much i miss your presence. yes , its temporary, but.. i just wish if we were together physically. i love you, and i literally do miss you, EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND.




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