I miss you Langkawi

During my last semester break, which was around May 2015- early June, i went to Langkawi with him. It was our first major trip together. We reached Langkawi in the morning of that June morning (i really forgot the date 😦 ) and took a deep breath and smiled at each other in glee. We were like backpackers/tourists/honeymoon couples. We were so excited and we go out and we rented a motorbike. Never in my life till then that i had expected to go on a bike with him and at last it happened. I hugged him from the back and we started our journey. and yes, we had a trusty map. Our destination was to Pantai Cenang, and stopped by and slowed down in places to wonder the village like beauty of Langkawi. To be honest, it made me miss my home and village in Kerala. In this part of Langkawi, i think, the lives are simple for the locals, but probably distracted by the outsiders as it is a famous tourist destination in Malaysia.

We roamed around and found a place to stay in and it was called T-star cottage. It was beautiful except that the one we booked was without the aircon which is more or less like self- torture in a beach side. Rested and we left to roam. Places that we went to were the Cable Car where we got to see a beautiful view of Langkawi, and obviously Pantai Cenang. The motor bike ride was probably the most memorable for me because i was very excited to be on a bike after years. Rode even in the rain, and through middle of the forest. The journey to find the black pebble beach and finding the skull beach and spotting monkeys at the end of a cliff.We got a sunset picture which was worth the trip and lots of memories. At times, his thought of him leaving did come across, but the happiness in his face, i never wanted to destroy it by showing my sadness to him. I loved to see his happy face.

At night, we bought some booze and talked. A lot. It was very quiet in there. All we could hear was the forest. The beautiful sound of the forest. I remember running barefoot along the pavement of T-star cottage. The smell of the incense stick i burned that night. Jasmine. And the silence, and beside me, My love. I miss you Langkawi. I miss the memories you have given me.


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