For most of us, fear is something that we have all grown up with. Under the developmental and biopsychological aspect, fear is classified as something we are grown with. Fear can be temporary. Fear can be continuous and sometimes very unfortunately permanent. 

To my beloved followers, fear of god, respectful fear of parents and fear of consequences of negative actions by yourselves are necessary and it makes sense. But, never ever be afraid of living. Never let others run over you. Never live to please others and forget about yourselves. Never fear to try, never fear to fail, or take risks once in a while. Never live your life with fear of disappointing anyone. If they are angry or disappointed at you/ with you for no reason; my friend, fret not because it is not your fault. 

Fear not the days nor the darklight for darkness has a beauty on its own. Fear not the solitude, because solitude offers some peace of mind for a while. Fear not to be happy. THIS IS IMPORTANF because many people have a belief that being happy for a long time is dangerous as it brings an intense sadness. WRONG! Sadness or negative events will come and go, but happiness will linger around for longer. The moment you realise you are given another day to live, should be a happy moment and etc. 

There will be tough days but it wont last forever. I am a psychology major degree student. In an Asian context, considering the world stigma of how crazy Asians are about education, there are days when i dont get enough sleep as i have tests and assignments that makes no sense. There are days when i want to just dissappear somewhere. But, at the end of the day i think, “hey this is not going ro last forever”. I mean it feels like its forever but not literally.  

So fear not fellow readers, of life. Of what life has to offer you. If life is miserable now, dont you dare think about giving up because once you know you survived it, you will be a strong individual in many aspects.

Fear maybe something we are defaulted with, but it doesnt mean we have to let it take away our peace of mind. 

Take care.


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