The security guard

This little snippet is about my thoughts about a security guard that i saw in Borders, The Curve.

When i noticed him, he was in the midst of dozing off while standing. He looked around 50 years old. Looked very tired and sleepy. understandable. Probably he have a family of 5 who is depending on him to survive. Probably there is a wife who doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with her husband because of his work. Probably there are two daughters who cannot afford to buy their revision guide text book or a new pair of school shoes thinking requesting these needs would burden the father. There maybe a son who feel embarrassed among his group of friends because he may not have the latest car or gadget, because his father cannot give him money for that. There is a man who works day and night to provide the family. Standing for long hours, not minding the pain that creeps up from his ankles after long hours. He maybe able to forget all the pain and be in the working mode. He knows the routes to almost every store in the mall.He can guide someone who asks for direction..

While i was just logging in to write about this in here, he disappeared..after looking for a bit, i noticed that he was standing near one of the bookshelves, somewhat leaning on it. It must be a sickening feeling to stand for so long.. just to stand..and stand…till night. I wonder how much he makes every hour or month.. If i had a chance to help people to just give away money, i would… hmm. i have this dream to feed homeless/ hungry families and children in road for food. anything to help a poor soul.


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